Since 1989, Ultra Armoring & Defense has gained a reputation for being a trusted source for defense vehicles and manufacturing. Integrity, professionalism and earning the confidence of our customers is most important to us.

In 2015, Ultra Armoring and Defense became a wholly owned subsidiary of Universal Mfg. Co. This has allowed our company to move forward with our strategic growth plan and use all or our resources to their fullest.

UAD is considered an industry leader in armoring vehicles with ballistic protection ranging from hand gun standard (CEN-B4) to high powered rifle protection like the 50 Cal. (CEN-B7 and STANAG protection levels). What sets us apart from others is our capability to provide our customers with superior protection, utilizing ground up designs with the latest in technology, while providing you complete traceability down to the heat lot and plate number.

Our customers include USSOCOM, USMC, North American and International OEM’s, security industry, government agencies, and the Department of Defense. We have over a decade of combined armor fabrication and survivability design experience and have gained a reputation for quality manufacturing with on-time delivery and professional expertise.